Commercial Landscape Planning

Commercial Landscape Planning

Creating a landscape plan for your business is overwhelming. You have budgets and staffing to deal with. If you’re a small business owner you have even more than that.

Landscaping for your business is difficult.

How do you know you’re making your business better? Will the team you hired finish your project within budget and schedule? Your project starts with hiring the right team and company.

Your business needs a company that will guide you through the entire process. A company that is transparent in their operations. So you can get the best for your business.

Omaha Landscape Design will guide you through the planning process.

  1. Establish your business’s budget and schedule
  2. Figure out what you want your landscaping to do for your customers and employees
  3. Call Omaha Landscape Design and schedule a meeting at your business
  4. Omaha Landscape Design will create a plan for your new landscape
  5. Go to your review meeting and check out the plans for your future landscaping
  6. Approve your plan and start construction!

That’s all it takes. Simple right? It is with Omaha Landscape Design. We’ll plan your new landscaping quickly and efficiently. We’ll make sure you are informed during the duration of the planning and construction process. That way you can answer any questions to superiors. And if you’re the owner you’ll be informed.

When you start to brainstorm your plans you should take into account several factors. Omaha Landscape Design will also assist you in incorporating all factors into your plan.

  • Understand the existing layout of your property
  • Acknowledge who will use your site – Customers, Employees, Potential Employees, Visitors
  • Find a theme that works for your business
  • Create outdoor spaces
  • Install functional plants
  • Consider the structure of plants (shade!)
  • Make a focal point in your landscape

Omaha Landscape Design can assist your planning or we can do all the planning for you! No matter what level of involvement you want to have we’re ready to make your project happen.

Call Omaha Landscape Design today and make running your business easier!