Mulch Delivery and Installation

Mulching adds an attractive visual component to landscaping, and remains a simple method of helping the environment. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discover how mulch can beautify a property.

Mulch is used in landscaping for a number of reasons. The material retains moisture and enriches the soil. Areas covered in mulch experience less erosion and are resistant to weeds and unwanted plant growth. The United States Department of Agriculture endorses mulching as a labor-saving practice for gardeners and a highly effective method of environmental conservation.

A number of materials are used in the formation of mulch. Organic items, such as grass clippings and kitchen scraps, must be replaced constantly. Compost materials can encourage weed growth if they are not processed properly. Rubber, plastic, rock and gravel form the basis for a number of additional mulch products. Each material produces a unique effect when applied.

The season when mulch is applied remains as important as the composition of the material. During late winter and early spring, mulched soil warms slowly, and retains moisture by preventing evaporation. During the summer, mulched-covered soil retains heat well into the fall. These are important factors to consider for pre-existing vegetation.

During the consultation, Omaha Landscape Design provides homeowners with detailed information on costs associated with each mulching method, along with material availability and how the bottom soil will be affected. More important, clients have a better understanding of the finish product, increasing the likelihood of customer satisfaction once the job has been completed.

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