Dirt Work & Grading

Perhaps your landscape is too flat. On the other hand, maybe it’s not flat enough. Depending upon the landscape you wish to create, Omaha Landscape Design can handle more drastic alterations to the land.

Take, for example, that enormous spruce tree in the center of the back yard. Perhaps it is time for it to go. Removing it will leave an enormous hole that must be filled. Or maybe your magnificent new landscape plan will need better drainage than the existing slope will allow.

These jobs are not always as simple as digging a hole, or backing up a dump truck full of dirt. Grading, digging, trenching and building up areas to facilitate a new landscape are large undertakings best done with professional help. Different types of soil will present different advantages. For example, the amount of clay in the soil will determine how well the area drains after a rainfall. The pH of the soil will determine what will grow well and what will wither.

Omaha Landscape Design will gladly meet with you to determine your home or business’ needs and find the most economical and aesthetically pleasing way to meet them. While it is necessary that the work be of high quality, adding beauty and functionality to the property, the owner needs to know his trust is well-placed in a company that cares as much about the customer relationship. What he tells his neighbors, his employees or co-workers, and relatives will matter.