Landscape Maintenance

Unfortunately, landscaping isn’t a set and forget it type of activity – as much as we’d all love it to be. Like any part of your home or property it requires regular maintenance to look its best. Lucky for you, we’ve identified all the major areas requiring maintenance and are ready to take on the task.

The best way to keep your landscape as beautiful as the day it was installed is to hire the team that knows your landscape best. Omaha Landscape Design includes the following in our landscaping maintenance packages:

That’s right. We’ve got you covered no matter what kind of greenery and hardscaping you have. Landscaping doesn’t take care of itself.

No one wants to mow their lawn in the middle of the summer heat or fight off annoying insects while enjoying dinner outside.

Instead of wasting your time fixing all of your landscape problems; bring in the experts. Don’t waste your entire weekend doing yard work. Spend it doing the things you love.

You can get a free quote from Omaha Landscape Design for your landscape maintenance; in just minutes. Our specialists are ready to work with your to find the best plan for your landscaping.

No matter what issue you face, whether weeds have taken over your flower beds, the August heat has turned your lawn brown, autumn leaves are covering your entire landscape, or your irrigation system just isn’t getting the job done.

We’ve got a plan and the resources to make your landscape beautiful again.

Contact Omaha Landscape Design today and keep your property beautiful. Take action today. The longer you wait the longer the grass gets!