Landscape Revitalization

Did you just purchase a fixer-upper? Or maybe you don’t have time to finally get your landscaping in order. If your landscaping has started to take over your home or property then you’re in need of some revitalization.

Our revitalization team will transform your property from rundown to amazing. We have revitalization specialists for properties that seem too far gone to repair. Even though you may not be able to see the future of your overgrown landscape our specialists can reimagine your property into a masterpiece. Our revitalization program includes:

  • Clean-up: We’ll remove dead plants, limbs, and organic waste. The first step to revitalization is getting rid of the old.
  • Drainage: After all the waste is gone we’ll fix any drainage problems your property is experiencing.
  • Insect Control: Many properties in need of revitalization have overgrown plants and drainage issues. That creates the perfect home for insects.
  • Mowing & Maintenance: After fixing any problems Omaha Landscape Design will start regular maintenance for you.

Now that your landscape is revitalized, you have an open canvas to create a landscape you only see in your dreams.

Our team will help you complete the revitalization by designing and implementing your new landscape. Our specialists will guide you through the entire revitalization process. Check out our design and planning pages to see how you can finish the revitalization of your property.

We love a challenge. No matter how bad your landscaping has gotten, we’re ready. There is no such thing as a landscape that can’t be saved.

Contact Omaha Landscape Design today – before your overgrown landscape gets too much for you to handle. The longer you wait the more it will cost to revitalize. We want to make your costs as low as possible. So call or email today and get started!