Forget about your manual irrigation system that lets water runoff to the street. Not only are you wasting money from forgotten sprinklers, but wasted water is damaging to our fragile environment.

A lush green lawn increases the value of them home and appeals to potential buyers. You’ll get the dollars you spend back, if you ever sell your home.

Irrigation is a profitable investment. One that will pay off.

Water Usage

An irrigation system requires careful analysis of drainage and water requirements of your plants. Overwatering may cause damage to plants. An efficient irrigation system that monitors water usage can be the difference in spending hundreds of dollars. Protect your landscaping investment by installing an efficient irrigation system.

Omaha Irrigation Specialists

Omaha Landscape Design’s irrigations specialists will ensure you have an irrigation system that is efficient and economical. Keep reading to find out the installation process for your new irrigation systems:

  1. First we’ll survey your property and divide your property into watering zones.
  2. Next we’ll determine the system capacity requirements.
  3. Sprinkler heads are then added to the survey to finish your plan.
  4. Valves and pipe sizes are chosen.
  5. Your system is installed.
  6. We program your system and you enjoy the greenest grass in the neighborhood.

Irrigation Maintenance

Don’t forget to check out our irrigation system maintenance page to learn how to keep your new irrigation system running efficiently.

Irrigation systems that need repairs often waste hundreds of dollars in overwatering and runoff.

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