Hardscaping refers to the “built” features of your landscape design. Hardscaping includes small features like paths and steps, to large features such as decks and fountains. Any hard surface included in your design is considered hardscape.

Hardscaping adds to your design to make it welcoming and useful. Instead of an open lawn, you can construct decks, fountains, and firepits to make your property a year round attraction – and turn your lawn into your own personal sanctuary.

Include features in your sanctuary like:

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Turning your lawn into an extension of your home is no easy task. Hardscape elements must be combined with softscape elements to create the perfect balance. Whether it is the gentle roar of your built-in waterfall or a firepit to keep you warm during crisp fall nights – you must remember several key factors to integrating hardscapes into your landscape.

Hardscape Design Integration

When integrating hardscape elements, there are several design factors that you must consider. Hardscape elements make amazing focal points in your landscape. But factors like drainage, location, materials, and your greenery must be considered before implementation.

Check out our Hardscape Design Page for more information on implementing hardscape elements.

Hardscaping Installation

When Omaha Landscape Design creates your plan for your landscaping we’ll incorporate hardscaping elements to enhance the functionality and beauty of your landscape.

Not only will Omaha Landscape Design create a beautiful plan implementing greenery and hardscaping, we have the personnel to build your landscape. Omaha Landscape Design will guide you the entire process.