Grease Removal

Restaurants dumpsters and enclosures tend to have a buildup of grease, grime and filth on, around, and leading up to their dumpsters. If not removed, these contaminants can cause a business to look neglected and unsanitary. Infestation of rats, cockroaches or other pests may also occur along with being a slipping hazard.

At Omaha Landscape Design we use an environmentally friendly process of removing these pollutants. Unlike many other cleaning services which use detergents to remove oil and animal fats from the concrete, which in turn get washed in the sewers, rivers and streams, we use a cleaner which contains live bacteria. This bacteria converts these oils and animals fats into non-pollutants such as H20 and C02.

This occurs through a multiple step process which starts off by saturating the area to be cleaned with the live bacteria and allowing it some time to start breaking down the different pollutants. After a short period we then use out self contained hot water pressure washers, which heat water to nearly 200 degrees Fahrenheit, to blast pollutants and any other debris off of the surfaces we are cleaning.

We have a variety of different applications for this process including dumpster enclosures, grease traps, sidewalks, drive through lanes, parking stalls and even buildings. If you have an oil spill, grease on your property, or would just like thing spruced up please contact us.