Commercial Grounds Maintenance

Commercial Grounds Maintenance

Your business, campus, or park needs regular maintenance to look its best. A well maintained property requires a professional to assess and execute your maintenance properly.

Omaha Landscape Design has a team dedicated to maintaining commercial properties for owners and managers. We are experts at working with businesses to establish their exact needs. We’ll provide your business with a plan for maintenance that covers all aspects. Our maintenance services include:

  • Debris Removal and Clean-up
  • Shrub & Tree Trimming
  • Erosion Control Services
  • Planting and Plant Choice
  • Turf Management
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Regular Lawn Care
  • Insect and Disease Control

For your business to be at its best it may need all of the services we offer. That’s why Omaha Landscape Design will send a team member to your property. Our team member will get to know your property intimately before making any suggestions.

After a thorough examination of your property we’ll create the best maintenance plan for your property. It will only include service you need.

We’re not the type of company that upsells you on worthless services. Our plan for your property is unique to your business.

Why hire outside professionals?

Outsourcing your regular maintenance is the cheapest way for your business to have the best looking landscaping. You don’t have to worry about salaries, training costs, or benefits. We’ll handle all of that.

You sign the service agreement and we’ll be there to perform your regular maintenance. We have certified and insured professionals ready to take on the task. We’ve put together a reliable team specifically trained for commercial properties.

You’re a professional who expects to work with other pros.

Call Omaha Landscape Design today and work with professional landscapers who know how to make you look good.