Landscape Color

Landscape Color

Colors add class and creativeness to your business’s property. Colors accent your buildings and get your customer’s attention. Use colors to draw your customers to your business and make more money.

  • Colors add to the value of your property
  • Make your outdoor spaces larger and more welcoming
  • Attract customers to your business
  • Create outdoor spaces for your customers and employees to enjoy

Color is a very powerful tool in the design of your landscaping. It can be the difference maker in whether customers approach your business or walk away.

Perennials That Pop

The simple definition of a perennial is a plant that lives for two or more years. That’s it! When you think of perennials you’re probably thinking about herbaceous perennials. These are the flowering plants that bloom in the spring and die in the fall.

Only to come back again next spring.

Perennials are a low maintenance way to keep your yard looking beautiful every year. Instead of planting every year, you’ll only have to go trim your plants as they grow. Saving you time and money.

Seasonal Landscaping

Depending on the time of year, you can “decorate” your business with the appropriate colors to fit the seasons.

  • Spring – Use warm and bright colors. Yellows, greens, peach, and turquoise.
  • Summer – Summer is the brightest time of the year. So you should use red, royal blue, and violets.
  • Fall – As the temperature falls move towards earthy colors such as rust, teal and mustard.
  • Winter – When the grey skies show up it’s time to plant slate blue, white, and burgundy.

Seasonal colors really show how much you care about the appearance of your home. Show off your attention to detail by choosing from the colors above for each season.