Commercial Picnic Areas

Commercial Picnic Areas

Many companies underestimate the benefit of picnic areas / outside common areas. They become customer focused and forget about the well-being of their employees. Don’t be that company!

Supply picnic areas to your employees, so they can get out of the cubicle and enjoy nature. If making your employees happy isn’t enough to convince you – getting outside for a short time increases your employees productivity.

Omaha Landscape Design can help you create an inviting picnic area for you, your employees, and customers. Picnic area services include:

  • Design of picnic area layout for maximum comfort
  • Wooden or Stone seating
  • Surrounding Planting
  • Tree planting for shade
  • Canopy structures
  • Hardscaping amenities

Types of Picnic Areas

Depending on your environment and exact needs Omaha Landscape Design can help you choose the best materials for your picnic area.

Do you need a patio? How about shade for your employees or guests? There is more to a successful picnic area than the material of your tables. Take into account other factors.

  • What material will your surface be?
  • Do you need shade from trees or hardscaping elements?
  • Are there paths or driveways leading to your picnic area?
  • Will artificial surfaces cause drainage issues?

A properly designed picnic area can become your employees favorite part of the office. Invest in your employees and reap the benefits of more productive employees.

Your Custom Picnic Area

All of the picnic areas designed by Omaha Landscape Design are custom to fit your exact needs. Call us today to get a free quote for your property. We’ll examine your property and your requirements and create a free plan for your picnic area.

Don’t wait to call us. The most profitable companies attract the best talent. Make your talent comfortable and install a company picnic area.