Shrub and Tree Services

Shrub and Tree Services

Commercial tree and shrub service is a necessity for maintaining your landscaping. A dead tree won’t attract new customers!

Tree and shrub maintenance is usually an afterthought for business owners and managers.

What Kind of Maintenance Do Your Trees and Shrubs Need?

Trees and Shrubs need regular maintenance just like every other part of your home. Omaha Landscape Design provides regular tree maintenance so your entire landscape is always looking excellent.

  • Regular evaluation of your trees and shrubs needs
  • Regular fertilization
  • Safeguarding against disease and insects
  • Treatment of insects and disease

Omaha Landscape Design will make sure your trees and shrubs are thriving and continuing to grow. Any problem will be identified quickly and solved before any damage is done to your landscaping or home.

Regular Inspection

Omaha Landscape Design can create a custom plan for your trees and shrubs. A regular maintenance schedule is the difference between healthy trees and a yard full of dead limbs. Our custom plan will include all regular maintenance aspects.


Many homeowners and business managers don’t know that trees can benefit from fertilization. Fertilization protects trees from diseases by keeping the, healthy and strong. Fertilization is custom to the species of tree. You’ll need an expert, like the team at Omaha Landscape Design, to create a fertilization plan for your trees and shrubs.

Disease and Insect Control

Disease and insect control varies depending on the species of your trees and shrubs. Our team is knowledgeable in all types of trees. No matter the species in your landscaping our team is ready to provide specific solutions for your trees.

Maintenance Plans

Omaha Landscape Design will create a free maintenance plan for your trees and shrubs. Call us today to set a time for one of our tree experts to examine your property. We’re ready to help you create the best looking trees.