Hardscaping Design

Hardscaping Design

Hardscaping design is the expert combination of “hard” elements and softscape (plant-based) elements into your dream property. As your landscape designer creates a plan for your property he or she will incorporate both hardscape and softscape elements to form a balanced and beautiful design. However, more goes into your design than creating a pretty picture. Your designer will integrate hardscape elements into your landscape and take into consideration several factors, including privacy, drainage issues, and balance with greenery.

Landscape Planning with Hardscape

Before beginning your design, your designer will examine your goals and dreams for your property.

Do you want more privacy? Shelter from the sun? A pathway that draws in your friends and family? What about a fountain that makes a statement?

You can have all of that. Landscape planning begins with establishing your goals for your property. And then designing a landscape with hardscape elements to give it functionality and softscape to make it beautiful.

If mowing is your least favorite chore – then you may want to consider many hardscaping features. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful deck or a gorgeous fountain, implementing hardscape into your landscape planning is the answer.

Hardscape Design Integration

Integrating hardscape into your design is more than throwing it into your plan. Your designer will look at the impacts of hardscaping on the rest of your property. Hardscaping has been known to cause drainage issues. You have to give water a place to go. Decks and concrete can cause water to pool in undesirable locations.

Hardscape elements stand out more than other elements. So it’s a good idea to make a hardscape element the focal point of your landscape. Just as an interior designer, creates a focal point in a room, your landscape designer creates a focal point in your plan.

Omaha Landscape Design’s professional designers will account for factors like drainage and focal points. You’ll benefit from professionals who not only have an eye for beauty, but implement effective designs.