Paths and Driveways

Paths and Driveways

Your driveway is the most overlooked aspect of your landscape design. And it’s also usually the biggest element included on your property. We hear all the time…..”oh it’s just the driveway”

Yet it’s the first thing your guests and you look for when arriving at your home. So create a driveway that’s inviting to your guests and makes you feel like you’ve finally arrived home.

Omaha Landscape design creates more than just concrete driveways. Omaha can help you create a driveway that not only accentuates the beauty of your home, but is a work of art itself. Get beyond white concrete and build a custom driveway for your unique home.

Paths & Driveway Materials

Paths and driveways can be constructed from several materials. You should pick your material based on more than just aesthetics.

There are two types of driveways and paths. Solid surface (seamless) or aggregate surface.

Asphalt surfaces are the cheapest types of surfaces you can purchase. However, asphalt driveways need resealing ever few years. Maintenance costs may be higher.

Concrete surfaces have more expensive upfront costs, but require less maintenance than asphalt. Concrete surfaces also have an added bonus. You can install a heating system to melt snow and ice! Concrete can also be stained and printed to add custom features.

Pavers offer the most unique driveways and paths. They are customizable and can be set into beautiful designs.

Gravel is another popular option, but is a difficult surface to maintain. Runoff can cause paths and driveways to erode. They are also extremely difficult to plow and de-ice.

Natural stone is also an option for driveways and paths. Natural stone is by far the most beautiful and most expensive choice. It can create beautiful designs, but the price is extreme. Especially for long driveways. If you have the budget – natural stone driveways can increase the value of your home.

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