Adding steps to your landscaping is a great way to adding vertical structure to your landscape. Steps are a fun element that makes your home look unique and classy.

Imagine as you climb an elegant staircase into your home. Steps make your home feel like a palace. Little does everyone else know your home is your palace.

Steps also have practical features. If you’re installing retaining walls for drainage issues, steps are necessary for you to traverse your new raised landscape. Consult our hardscaping team for options for your new steps.

Ideas for Stairways

  • Curved steps up to your front door
  • Flagstone Steps
  • Brick steps to fit the style of your home
  • Concrete steps to fit any budget

Whatever you plan for your landscape, Omaha Landscape Design can design and install the steps that lead to your own persona castle.

Are steps and stairways expensive?

Stairways aren’t expensive at all! Well, if you create a stairway up a mountain that final cost may get pricey.

Most homeowners or business owners find steps to much cheaper than they estimated. The price is well worth it. Every dollar you spend on steps increase the value of your home. You’ll either enjoy them forever or get all your money back when you move out.

What materials can you chose for your stairs?

Any material you can use for patios, you can use to build your new outdoor stairway. Choose the option that looks best for your home. Our team will also make recommendations so you can make an informed decision.

  • Concrete
  • Natural Stone
  • Brick
  • Pavers
  • Wood

Call Omaha Landscape Design today to get a free quote for your new stairs. Our hardscaping team will create a custom plan for your home. Call today and get started on making your home beautiful.