Disease Control

Disease control is a difficult subject for most homeowners. You can’t see disease coming until it’s too late. But there are ways to control disease before it strikes your plant beds and greenery. You can take steps to fight environmental factors and protect your plants from the damage of disease.

Replacing greenery and flowers can be costly. It is cheaper to protect your plants from damage then replace them. Save your money and time by taking a few measures to safeguard your plants from disease.

Environmental Factors

Just like when your immune system is low, you are more susceptible to sickness; plants are more susceptible to disease when under harsh environmental factors. Drought, excess heat or cold, and soil contamination all impact the immune system of your plants.

How You Can Protect Your Plants from Disease

  • Keep plants and trees watered in times of drought
  • Protect plants from temperature extremes. Cover plants during freeze.
  • Fertilize based on soil analysis
  • Avoid damage to stems and trunks
  • Make sure beds have proper drainage
  • Get plants from a reputable, disease free nursery

When protecting your plants becomes too much, call Omaha Landscape Design. Not only will we use the above methods to protect your plants, Omaha Landscape will use scientific methods to prevent disease.

We’ll use pH levels to determine proper fertilization techniques, use the weather forecast to determine proper pesticide and watering techniques, and find the cause of your disease problems.

Without knowing the cause of your disease problems, you can’t solve the problem. Omaha Landscape Design will find the cause of your disease problems and attack at the source. Don’t waste your time using remedies that aren’t attack the source of your problems.

Call us today and get your disease problems solved.