Fertilization is important to the health of your plants. Do you know why?

Fertilizer adds to the naturally occurring minerals in your soil to support plant growth. It’s the equivalent of taking vitamins you are deficient in. If you aren’t getting proper nutrients from your food, you’ll be deficient in certain vitamins. The same goes for your plants.

Enter fertilizer.

The physical properties of your soil are impacting your plant’s health. Negatively and positively. Fertilizer makes sure your plants are getting the right amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Which Fertilizer Do You Use

The best way to find out what your plants are missing out on is through pH analysis. Plants grow best at pH level between 6.0 and 7.0. But even that varies between plants. Omaha Landscape Design will analyze the pH level of your soil to pick the best fertilizer for you and your plants.

There are 2 types of fertilizer to choose from. Organic or inorganic – each with pros and cons. Organic fertilizers are more expensive and are slower to deliver nitrogen to plants.

Inorganic (or chemical) fertilizers are cheaper, faster acting, and may be easily customized to your soil.

With many advantages and disadvantages to both, Omaha Landscape Design will help you choose the best solution for your plant beds and lawn.

Using Omaha Landscape Design’s extensive knowledge you can fertilize like the experts.

  • Greener Lawns
  • Less Weeds
  • Stronger Plant Growth
  • A Thick Lawn Creates less Mess
  • Fights Erosion and Runoff
  • Organic Fertilizers Available

Fertilizers make your lawn and plants stronger and healthier. Which leads to lower maintenance costs and lower costs from plant replacement.

Even though some customers are concerned with fertilizer use, Omaha Landscape Design will help you find a solution for you.