Insect Control

Mosquitoes swarming around your head and flies landing on your food ruin may your outdoor barbecue. They pester your guests and make your outdoor space unbearable.

There are several options to remove insects from your outdoor space and return your landscape to the space you love. Choose between Omaha Landscape’s Natural Insect Control options or from a selection of safe pesticides. Either way your landscape will be insect free and ready for your enjoyment.

Natural Insect Control

We understand you want to protect your landscape from harmful chemicals. Omaha Landscape Design offers natural options that protect plants, pets, and humans from the harmful side effects of pesticides. Not only will you protect your landscape; you’ll stop harmful chemicals from washing off to your neighbor’s property.

Omaha focuses on 3 primary methods to naturally eliminate outdoor pests. First, we’ll work with your to remove drainage issues that are breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other pests.

Second, if mosquitoes are a major problem, we’ll plant greenery that repels mosquitoes. Citronella (lemongrass), marigolds, and catnip are effective methods to eliminate mosquitoes from your landscape.

Third, Omaha Landscape uses nature against itself to create your ideal environment. By promoting natural predators of pesty insects, you can eliminate them from your outdoor space. Bat houses, bird houses, fish in ponds, and other insects are effective natural methods to eliminate insects. We’ll help you choose the best natural methods to combat all your insect problems.

Pesticide Options

When all natural methods fail, pesticide may be your only choice. Omaha Landscape only uses pesticides proven to have no effect on natural environments. Do not worry about harmful side effects of pesticides.

We guarantee that any pesticides use will be safe for your pets, children, and other plants.

Omaha Landscape guarantees insects will be eliminated without causing harm to you or your landscape.

Contact us today for a free quote and plan to solve your insect control problems.