Irrigation System Maintenance

A poorly maintained irrigation system fails to accomplish its purpose. Water may be lost to evaporation or runoff if the system is not maintained. That means high utility bills for you. Maintaining your irrigation system makes plants healthier and reduces wasted water and money.

You should have regular maintenance performed on your irrigation system at least twice a year. Maintenance should take place before your heavy watering season and then halfway through the season.

Maintenance will include:

  • Inspect controller for proper function
  • Update watering times
  • Ensure all electrical connections are connected
  • Replace battery
  • Check each zone’s function
  • Repair or adjust any problems

Each zone will be checked for several common maintenance issues. Leaking pipes, missing sprinkler heads, clogged nozzles, and misaligned sprinkler heads will be repaired.

Many irrigation systems face problems with the efficiency of the system. This leads to runoff, excess watering, and damage to your lawn. If your sprinkler settings are set incorrectly you’ll end up wasting lots of money.

Different plants have different water requirements. If you’re feeding every type of plant with the same amount of water you could be causing damage – through overwatering or underwatering. A seasonal adjustment to your controller and sprinkler heads lead to healthier plants and turf and conserves water.

Simple seasonal maintenance can save you hundreds of dollars in water costs and even more in avoiding long term repairs to your system. A leaky pipe is a major repair. In addition to the expensive water bill, your lawn will be destroyed to replace the pipe.

Prevent expensive repair bills by calling Omaha Landscape Design today. We’ll analyze your existing irrigation system and determine your exact needs. With your needs establish we’ll create a maintenance plan custom to your irrigation system. Call Omaha Landscape Design today to get your free custom plan.