Landscape Clean-Up

Sometimes nature takes over your landscape and it becomes too much to handle. Limbs that have crashed to the ground, leaves covering the turf, and weeds as high as your waist is an immense undertaking.

Sounds like a fun job?

Maybe if you’re crazy. It sounds like hard and menial work. Stomping around in 6 inches of mud on a cold Saturday morning is not how you want to spend your day off.

There is a solution.

Omaha Landscape Design has a team ready to tackle your clean-up project. There is no landscape that is too messy. We’re ready to turn your landscape into an open canvas for construction or new design.

Why hire the professionals?

  • Professional Landscapers who know how to clean a landscape without damage
  • Landscapers have all the right tools right when you need them
  • You won’t spend weekends trying to get your landscape cleaned up
  • A team is sent to your property to get your job done fast
  • Cheap rates that are well worth the time

What does Omaha Landscape Design Include in Clean-up?

Our clean-up team can fit any project. We’ll create a free custom quote just for your project. Rates are dependent on your requests and status of the property. Most clean-up projects include:

  • Debris removal
  • Limb removal and tree pruning
  • Removal of old mulch
  • Fertilizing and patching of grass
  • Raking leaves and pine needles
  • Wedding and brush removal

Our quotes are based on the square footage and the scope of the project. We promise to provide your with a competitive and unbeatable quote.

Call Omaha Landscape Design today to schedule your free evaluation of your property. We’ll send a team member out to examine your property and provide a competitive quote for your landscape clean-up project.