Lawn Care

A lush green lawn is the pride of any homeowner. It let’s everyone on your block know you respect your property and they should too.

But just because you’re too busy to take care of your lawn, doesn’t mean you don’t respect it. A beautiful lawn takes time and effort. Time you may not have. Don’t allow your lawn to go to waste just because you’re a busy person.

Omaha Landscaping Design provides high-quality and satisfaction guaranteed lawn service. We cover all major lawn maintenance:

  • Mowing
  • Edging
  • Lawn Fertilization
  • Re-seeding
  • Turf Management

Mowing & Edging

Regular maintenance is time consuming. During the summer you could spend half a day, every weekend, mowing & edging your lawn. That’s over 50 hours (during the summer) that you could have been spent with your family, on vacation, or relaxing by the pool.

Quit wasting time maintaining your lawn and spend time with people who matter. Plus your lawn will be mowed by experts, who turn lawns into art.

Lawn Fertilization

A green lawn is rare during a hot and dry summer. But it is preventable. Omaha Landscaping’s fertilization techniques keep your lawn green and thick all summer long.


When the heat of the summer does win, you’ll need to re-seed to quickly repair your lawn. Re-seeding services repair your lawn and allow new grass to grow. Before disease or drought takes over your entire lawn, start re-seeding. New grass will grow and cover any bald patches.

Turf Management

Turf management service is the premier lawn care service offered by Omaha Landscape Design. A combination of regular maintenance (mowing & edging), fertilization, and re-seeding; your lawn will be at its best all year round. Don’t worry about maintenance; Omaha Landscape Design will account for all factors affecting your lawn. And take action before problems happen.

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