Tree Maintenance

Tree maintenance is a hassle for the any homeowner. Most aren’t prepared to climb into a tree to prune trees properly. Or haul away dead limbs that have crashed down to earth.

Tree maintenance is important for the homeowner. A small storm may cause limbs to fall that may cause damage to your home and property. Keep your trees maintained before a branch falls and crushes your car or home.

By maintaining your trees you can raise the value of your home. Just by making it look clean and organized.

Tree Limb Removal

Tree limbs can come crashing down that weigh hundreds of pounds. Are you prepared to haul away the aftermath? Omaha Landscape design provides tree limb removal services that get rid of limbs fast. Get your lawn back after as fast as possible after that big storm rolls through.

Call us today when you need limbs removed fast!

Tree Trimming and Pruning

When do you prune and trim? Dead limbs can be removed at any time. But you should have purpose in any other pruning you do.

Winter Pruning:

  • Prune for new growth in the spring
  • Wait until after the coldest part of the winter

Summer Pruning:

  • Prune to slow unwanted growth
  • Prune after seasonal growth is complete
  • Correct dead or defective branches
  • Fix cosmetic issues

Pruning trees is an arduous task. You have to have the proper safety equipment and tools to remove limbs safely. When you need your largest trees trimmed and properly maintained – contact Omaha Landscape Design.

Expertly maintained trees increase the appeal of your home. If you’re looking to sell or just want the best home in the neighborhood, make sure your trees are pruned and trimmed by the best. Call Omaha Landscape Design today to schedule a free estimate for ongoing maintenance.