Benefits of Pavers over Concrete

When surfacing a walkway, patio, deck or other area, one of the first decisions that you must make is what type of material to use. Though concrete was a popular choice for many years, over the past decade more and more people are opting for pavers to surface these areas. Also called paving stones, pavers are individual bricks which are interlocked, and can be custom-made to suit the buyer’s preferences. Those at Omaha Landscape Design confirm that there are many good reasons for choosing pavers over concrete.

Important Factors in Making a Choice

When choosing the surfacing material, you should consider the following four factors. It is important to view them as a whole; no one alone should dictate your decision.

Installation Costs

In most instances, concrete is less expensive to install than pavers because there are few steps to the process and it is relatively cheap. Installing paversc costs more because it takes several steps, such as laying a bed of sand, each individual paver, and “finishing” to icompact the pavers.

Durability, Costs of Long-Term Maintenance, and Visual Appeal

Over time, concrete cracks, due to things such as shrinkage, a shift in the surface below it, weather changes and usage. Cracks usually occur in more several places, and the challenges of finding the correct color and composition for the repair drive the costs up.

Because of the sand bedding, paving stones become stronger over time; some pavers come with a lifetime warranty. And, replacing one or more of them is relatively easy.

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