Sod Installation and Removal

There is nothing difficult about either sod installation or sod removal, but both activities are labor intensive and require sod-specific equipment that is not practical to use for other purposes. Sod installation also requires some knowledge and good site preparation to ensure the success of the installation. Omaha Landscape Design can provide all facets of sod installation and removal. The company also brings necessary knowledge with its landscape professionals and specialized equipment.

Certainly it is possible to spray a broad-spectrum herbicide over an area, follow with sod and then water, but that approach is unlikely to produce satisfactory results. If the sod comes from a home improvement store, success is even less likely because that sod typically has only about half of the root depth that it needs for long life. Best practices in sod installation include removing any existing sod, preparing the soil to accept the new sod, laying sod strips so that they grow together uniformly, rolling the sod to ensure uniform contact with existing soil, and finally watering in such a way that encourages deep root growth.

Of course spraying the area with a broad-spectrum herbicide kills current growth, but it does not prevent weed seeds from germinating and invading the new sod. Particularly when using discount store sod with its shallow root systems, lingering weeds can and do grow right up through the new shallow sod. Omaha Landscape Design removes existing sod, which also removes most existing weed seeds. Omaha Landscape Design also uses high-quality sod that has a deep, thick root system that prevents weed invasion from the bottom. The initial cost of Omaha Landscape Design’ professionalism is higher than the initial cost of cutting corners and using discount store sod, but the total cost of the professional installation is less than the total cost of the discount store route that often has to be repeated.

Technique and preparation are less important for sod removal, and a manual sod cutting tool is not expensive. Unless the homeowner has a means of disposing of removed sod, however, the more efficient approach is to allow Omaha Landscape Design to lift existing sod and then dispose of it or place it in another area.