Stone, Paver, and Brick Walkway and Driveways

The path lies before you – or before your guests. From the driveway to the house, from the house through the garden, from the street to the front door. Omaha Landscape Design can make every journey across your landscape, residential or commercial, a little adventure.

Brick paths make a flowing stream to carry you along, on a sand base for optimal drainage or in a bed of mortar set over your existing concrete walkway for ease of installation.

The beauty and charm of natural stone may be a preferable option for a walkway. Cut stone may set a grand entrance, colored or polished in a style befitting the high class of your welcomed guests. Perhaps a more homey path of simple, rugged flagstones set in mortar greets your family each night.

Interlocking concrete pavers offer greater economy than brick but with just as much leeway for design by pattern and color, from simple and unpretentious to a look that inspires extravagance.

It is even possible to combine styles and materials, such as a stone path with a brick border. Materials, colors and patterns can be varied in nearly infinite ways to suit the existing landscape and the mood you wish to convey.

Whatever the application, Omaha Landscape Design’ design team will be happy to discuss your needs and wishes and has the expertise to offer suggestions based upon years of experience in the Omaha area.