Water Features, Waterfalls, Fountains, and Ponds

There is nothing quite like a water feature to make a yard or garden feel complete. Whether a pond, a waterfall, a small stream or a waterfall, they have the ability to draw unusual birds or colorful dragonflies, become a home to colorful fish and even reduce the noise pollution produced by nearby roads. They can bring just a bit of the relaxing beauty of nature to your own back yard, and you can count on Omaha Landscape Design to professionally install this relaxing addition to your outdoor area.

One of the best things about water features is that there is no set style on how they must look or on what size they should be. They can be designed and installed to fit both the size of your outdoor space and your own personal style. Omaha Landscape Design can install a fountain in your own yard that looks like it should have come from ancient Rome, place a babbling brook with natural river rock just a few yards from the hustle and bustle of downtown or create a softly flowing waterfall out of freshly cut granite just next to your deck. The choice is entirely yours.

By choosing Omaha Landscape Design, you hire a company licensed in masonry that can build a water feature structure that not only produces the effect you are looking for, but a long-lasting feature that can be designed specifically for you.